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Scrap Trident

On 15 April, 47 campaigners were arrested as hundreds of people from as far away as New Zealand converged on Faslane naval base, home to the Trident nuclear missile submarine system, 25 miles north of Glasgow.


Scotland says: Scrap Trident!

Last week a public poll found that four out of five Scots want to see the Trident nuclear weapons system removed from Scotland. It is hardly surprising that support for the Scrap Trident weekend of protest and action on 13-15 April is mounting at a phenomenal rate.


Scrap Trident! Let Scotland lead the way to a nuclear free world!

On 15 April, hundreds (maybe thousands!) will descend on the Faslane naval base, home to Trident, in a mass display of nonviolent direct action.


Scotland, nae place fur NATO?

A Faslane Peace Camper explores the possibilities for a nuclear-free and independent Scotland.


Trident will be outlawed – SNP

In an independent Scotland, nuclear weapons will be ruled illegal by the constitution!


Faslane Peace Camp interrupt nuclear weapons seminar

Faslane Peace Campers disrupt the indoctrination of the young, and come across a startlingly honest letter from the MoD.


Och, och, there's a monster in the loch

Singers tackle Trident nuclear weapons base


Scottish anti-NATO coalition formed

Activists mobilise to pressure SNP


Mainshill action

Coal site shutdown


The Faslane effect

As Faslane Peace Camp celebrates its 30th birthday with a month of action.