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Prison... for painting

On 19 March, Barbara Dowling was given a three-month sentence for painting ‘political graffiti’ on the internal walls of Dunbarton sheriff court in 2010.


Save £84bn: Cut Trident not the NHS

New report finds that the UK would benefit from huge savings if Trident's replacement is cancelled.


Disarmament day or dirty deal?

Where does the SNP really stand on Trident?


RSVP: your invite to 30 days of action at Faslane

Faslane Peace Camp marks its 30th anniversary


No home for Trident in England

Would ousting Trident from Scotland spell a end to the weapons system?


Re-planting trees in Palestine

Scottish activists help resist racist land policies


Climate activists tell Scottish govt: “Get on yer bike!”

Scots call for increased funding for walking and cycling


Scotland and Trident: We must name the crime

The path to UK nuclear disarmament runs through Scotland, argues David MacKenzie


The Aviation Justice Express

British climate change activists blocked from entering the US


Resistance in the rain

A report from the Glasgow march and rally against the cuts