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Early birds - start your day the disarmament way!

Morning vigils are being planned to take place during parliamentary sittings up ’til the end of 2008.

Starfish on the shore

It’s hard to imagine what it’s like at Faslane. If you think about a port, then images of dockland housing, pubs and assorted services spring to mind.

Unity with Glasgow asylum seekers

The Unity Centre is tiny – the opposite of a Tardis – a corner shop space crammed with people, computers, filing systems, sofas, chocolates and a whole lot more.

Where's our bail-out?

Anxieties and demands in connection to the financial crisis and the government’s so-called “recapitalisation” of the banks were voiced in Edinburgh on 24 October.

Early bird at Parliament

The Big Blockade Faslane 365, street demonstrations are familiar lively, colourful, noisy campaigning experiences.

It's ACE !

The Autonomous Centre of Edinburgh (ACE ) is a hub for radical activity and organising in the Scottish capital. PN Scotland editor Sarah Young interviews Mike from the ACE Collective.


Holiday news ...

Passengers hurrying into the main check-in at Edinburgh International Airport on August 22nd were greeted by an unusual sight. A massive banner proclaimed: “MEXICO...

Faslane's breach of the peace

During the Big Blockade of Faslane on 1 October 2007, Emily Freeman was arrested. Charged with breach of the peace, she was finally brought to trial in Helensburgh on 18 May 2008.


Nothing in the disruption to me and my family described here compares with the continued suffering and desperation of those driven off their land in Gaza, the West Bank and Lebanon.

Room 13

Mark Faulkner, coming to the end of two years chairing Room 13 Lochyside, described how the organisation had opened up “a whole new world” to him, making him realise that art was not about