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Contradictory pro-NATO Nats

Scotland needs a 'real stushie' over the SNP's contradictory position on nuclear weapons.


Coal: Douglas Valley Residents take action

Coal Action Scotland gears up for more action.


Viennese Mexican NPT Wave!

Interest in Scotland's new position on nuclear weapons at the May 2012 NPT PrepCom meeting in Vienna.


Faslane’s 30 Days of Action

Faslane Peace Camp reveal details of some of the host of actions planned against the Trident nuclear weapon system in Scotland during June.


RBS funds nuclear arms production

Royal Bank of Scotland finances 16 companies that are heavily involved in the manufacture, modernisation and maintenance of US, British and French nuclear forces.


West Bank Freedom Flytilla

Around 1,300 supporters of Palestinian human and national rights planned to arrive in Israel’s Ben-Gurion international airport on 15 April.


Glasgow asylum seekers face destitution

Up to 140 Glasgow asylum seekers are to be evicted by their landlord, Ypeople, in the next few weeks. They will be left with no home as well as no access to work, benefits or any state support.


Edinburgh Campaign Against Poverty action

On the national day of action against workfare


Painting for peace

During our weekly vigil at Faslane, a quiet discussion arose about doing an action at the army recruitment offices in Glasgow to highlight the dishonest propaganda used to persuade young people to

Crunch time for the Douglas Valley

The Douglas Valley hosted the Earth First! Winter Moot at the end of February. People from across Scotland and the UK piled into the Glespin community hall to strategise, debate and plan.