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Activism and... junk food

I guess the thing that comes into my mind is, the first thing that comes into my mind, is activism plus going on road trips equals junk food. Activism and an adrenalin rush.

Andrew Boyd (ed), 'Beautiful Trouble: A Toolbox for Revolution'

OR Books, 2012; 474pp; £16


Activism and ... Desperation

Is desperation a luxury?


Activism and... partying

Do these words go together? 'Activism' and 'partying'....


Editorial: Anti-cuts, pro-change

There are converging agendas for different movements - anti-cuts, climate, disarmament, labour movement...


Intruder alert

Back in the UK, a group called 'The Intruders' managed to gatecrash two high society events, first giving the former head of the government tax body HMRC


Over 700 boats laid 'siege' to the Kudankulam nuclear power plant in Tamil Nadu, India on 8 October, in the latest demonstration by the Peo

Drones walk reaches RAF Waddington

The highlight of the Drones Week of Action 2012 was an eight-day, 90-mile peace walk.


National Gallery cuts arms link as CAAT wins prize

The Campaign Against Arms Trade celebrates a double victory


Census COs

Conscientious objectors to the 2011 Census in the UK continue their courtroom struggles.