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"Peace News has compiled an exemplary record... its tasks have never been more critically important than they are today." Noam Chomsky

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Centuries spent in West Philly

Training for Change’s powerful three-week ‘Super-T’ training for trainers


The defiant ones

Another staggering work of heart-breaking genius – about activists and academics


A heart-breaking work of staggering genius

Activism and fiction


On Anger

This classic text from 1971 pushes nonviolent activists to respect and value rage and untangles our political and personal relationships to this emotion.



Activism and... good manners

Well, most people would say that good parenting involves teaching children to be polite and respect others, especially those who might be involved in civic or governmental organisations that a


Diary: activism with trust and compassion

The other night I went to see The Missing Picture, a film by Rithy Panh about growing up under the Khmer Rouge regime of Democratic Kampuchea (Cambodia) in the 1970s.


The Politics of “No”

Opting to do something can lead to various forms of activism and that in turn can lead to the difficult area of politics. Saying 'no' to what we oppose is one approach.


Activism and... Power

I think that the thing that jumps out from my memory of all of my activism was spending several hours on


Diary: taking action against the arms trade

Last September, when the biannual DSEi arms fair came to East London, I took part in a blockade of the E


Free Margaretta!

79-year old Margaretta D’Arcy's anti-war action lands her in jail