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Activism and ... Consensus

I know someone who became a committed, full-on activist because of his experience of consensus decision-making.

Penny-wise oaks

Ross Bradshaw, Five Leaves Publications, Nottingham

ImageI was interested to read the article by Milan Rai about ra

How (not) to burn out

PN staff spend a week in tents in howling winds and driving rain on the edge of Dartmoor and return tranquil


Feel the fear and do it anyway

April’s Symposium on Nonviolent Movements & the Barrier of Fear brought dozens of activists and researchers from around the world to Coventry.


Security Games

Community legal observers – one response to the Olympic police operation


The Faslane effect

As Faslane Peace Camp celebrates its 30th birthday with a month of action.


Your country (still) needs you!

Trwper Twp clowns around in Lampeter


'Forswear blockading or face seven years' jail'

US activist faces stiff jail sentence for resisting military recruiting


Activism and... Having a laugh

I used to belong to an affinity group whose motto was ‘fun and effective’. Every action was supposed to be both effective in advancing our cause, and fun for those of us carrying it out.

The world-wide awkward squad

You act alone, and you don't tell....