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Activism and... Power

I think that the thing that jumps out from my memory of all of my activism was spending several hours on


Diary: taking action against the arms trade

Last September, when the biannual DSEi arms fair came to East London, I took part in a blockade of the E


Free Margaretta!

79-year old Margaretta D’Arcy's anti-war action lands her in jail


Margaretta D'Arcy thanks supporters and highlights role of women in conflict resolution

From opposing Ireland allowing the US military to use Shannon Airport to Limerick Prison


A Trial for Transparency and an American’s Impression of the British Legal System

US perspective on Emily John's arrest, trial and recent sentencing following protests against the Bexhill Link Road.


Rob Hopkins, The Power of Just Doing Stuff: How Local Action Can Change the World

Green Books, 2013; 160pp; £8.99


Alcoholic and activist

Three ex-drinkers share their experience, strength and hope


Activism and ... Converting the enemy

I was taken from the court to the cells below, waving goodbye to friends and supporters at the back of the court. My pocket were emptied and everything in a bag.

Diary: Post-action blues

Clare Cochrane ruminates on the emotional ups and downs of campaigning


Almost ...