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Other responses to the US election from the UK

Act, talk to the 'other' and don't lose hope


Disjointed, despairing, determined, devoted

Six radical US women respond to the election of Donald Trump as US president


Travelling light

The Oxford branch of the Seeds for Change training network has struck out on its own, under the name ‘Navigate’. The name ‘Seeds for Change’ now refers only to the Lancaster collective.

Sisters of mercy

Women vow to continue sailing to Gaza after ship seized


Linda Stout, Collective Visioning: how groups can work together for a just and sustainable future

Berrett-Koehler, 2011; 198pp; $17.95


Nagasaki actions at US base

Waterborne protest marks bomb anniversary


How to stop a nuclear convoy

77-year old retired teacher blocks warheads


The surprising popularity and effectiveness of nonviolence

Lisa Cumming reports on three-day seminar on nonviolent resistance at Leeds Beckett University


‘Until we win!’ – respecting RAFF

Kelvin Mason celebrates the Welsh campaigners at the coalface of anti-coal activism


As they destroy

An environmental campaigner reflects