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International Solidarity

Direct action in Bethlehem

The “International Solidarity Movement” (ISM) is a series of nonviolent solidarity events in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, undertaken by foreign peace activists, coordinated by the Palesti

Taking the initiative

In December 2001, about 35 women from Britain joined with a similar number of US citizens to fill the gap left by the irresponsible international community in the Occupied Territories.

Tess Burrows, 'Cry from the Highest Mountain'

TravellersEye, 2002. ISBN: 1 90307 012 0, 252pp


Civilian intervention: latest Marques marked

On 3 February, dozens of foreign civilians marched in Ramallah to deliver a message to the Israeli occupation forces.

Prison letter

Claire Marie Hanrahan, No 90285-020, Range 1, Federal Prison Camp


Fizzy fizzy lets get busy!

Protesting at Coca-Cola


Activists injured

Action by Israelis, Palestinians and internationals