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International Solidarity

We march on Gaza

Over 700 people from around the UK have now signed up to support the Gaza Freedom March.

Fasting for Gaza

Parliament Square peace protestor Maria Gallastegui fasted for 30 days to protest against the escalating military assault and in solidarity with the people of Gaza .

Scottish Students Fully Occupied!

Edinburgh, Glasgow and Strathclyde students ended occupations, after winning demands to fund scholarships, disinvest from military industries and boycott Israeli companies including Eden S

Making Palestinian dreams real

Visiting the West Bank in 2003, one young Palestinian girl, above all others, touched my heart.


Over the past month or so, in the wake of Israel’s brutal bombardment of Gaza, the UK’s student population has witnessed a widespread political awakening.

Annexing The Jordan Valley

As Israel commits brutal war crimes in Gaza, it also continues to covet the land of Palestinians living in the West Bank.

Nonviolence veteran beaten by police Gaza actions

On 10 January 100,000 people from all over Britain joined a march in London to protest at the Israeli embassy against the continuing relentless attacks on Gaza’s civilian population.

Stoltzfus Visit

In 1963 a young Gene Stoltzfus, Mennonite conscientious objector, found himself working with International Voluntary Services in Saigon, Vietnam.

Free Gaza - again!

The Free Gaza Movement has broken the siege of Gaza twice since the last issue of PN.

Tricia Gates Brown (ed), '118 Days: Christian Peacemaker Teams Held Hostage in Iraq'

Booksurge, 2008; ISBN 978-1438202433; 240pp; £12.99