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International Solidarity

Scotland Zimbabwe Group

The Scotland Zimbabwe Group was founded in 1996: the group seeks to develop social, cultural and human rights awareness between Scotland and Zimbabwe.

Zimbabwe: speaking out in Scotland

On July 15th, Zimbabwean trade unionist Mike Sozinyu spoke to a meeting hosted by Glasgow Campaign to Welcome Refugees, at the Scottish TUC offices in the city.

Campaign Profile: Fairtrade Towns

A Fairtrade Town is a community that makes a collective commitment to Fairtrade and achieves Five Goals developed by the Fairtrade Foundation.

People's Navy halted

On 11 March, British human rights protesters Peter Bouquet and Jon Castle, both former Greenpeace captains, were intercepted at sea off the island base of Diego Garcia by a British warship.

We fight for roses too!

How wonderful to be part of this vibrant and vital International Women's Day march in London for something we all demand: the unconditional, non-negotiable end to violence against women.

A million women rise

In the month of the 97 International Women's Day, PN celebrates another year of women around the world rising up and resisting all forms of oppression and injustice:

Zimbabwe : peace action

With the highest rate of inflation anywhere in the world - currently 100,000% - the Zimbabwean economy has been in free-fall for several years, creating massive social unrest and chronic food short

Gaza freed

After months of a tightening siege by Israel in retaliation for Qassam rockets fired into Israel, Gaza was freed on 23 January by a major act of nonviolent direct action.

Festival for Nicaragua

Following the success of last summer's Victor Jara festival in Machynlleth, El Sueno Existe (“the dream lives on”) staged a winter festival entitled “Nicaragua: New Time, New Hope”, inspired by the