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International Solidarity

Visitors and Hosts in Pakistan

10 June: In Jayne Anne Phillips’ Lark and Termite, the skies over Korea, in 1950, are described in this way:

Name, rank, no number

Russian social movements are struggling with Putin's repression and economic “liberalisation”, the war in Chechnya, neonazis and the mafia.

Free Gaza forges on, despite split

As death and destruction continue in Gaza under the ongoing Israeli siege of the Strip (see p6), the Free Gaza Movement (FGM) continues to plan siege-breaking journeys, despite splintering

People's Peace Convoy

The second People’s Peace Convoy to Gaza looks set to leave London on Sunday 4 October. The Convoy is organised by Viva Palestina, a network of volunteers.

In Gaza, the war goes on – against farmers, against fishermen

Four months on from Israel’s brutal 22-day onslaught, Gazan farmers and fishermen are enduring daily assaults from the Israeli military despite a unilateral Israeli “ceasefire” since 18 Ja

Hamas: voices of diversity

Hamas features in the European list of terrorist organisations. Is this fair? Hamas, like many other movements in the Middle East, is essentially a political party with a military wing.

Gaza: We must act now

Part of a delegation from the European Parliament sent to report on the humanitarian situation in Gaza following 22 days of Israeli bombing, I prepared myself for the worst but the reality

Quartet catch-up

More news on the disruption of the Israeli Jerusalem Quartet’s concert at the 2008 Edinburgh Festival (see PN 2502).

Surviving Gaza

In the wake of so much loss, grief and destruction, it is sometimes difficult to imagine how Gaza will ever recover.

Free Gaza! Aid boat prepares to break Israeli siege

The Free Gaza Movement is, at the time of going to press, preparing to break the Israeli siege on Gaza again.