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International Solidarity

Festival for Nicaragua

Following the success of last summer's Victor Jara festival in Machynlleth, El Sueno Existe (“the dream lives on”) staged a winter festival entitled “Nicaragua: New Time, New Hope”, inspired by the

The people's navies

The "People's Navy" solidarity voyage to Diego Garcia (see last issue) has made further progress: the Cindik boat has reached Egypt, and the Musichana is moving on from Thailand.

In solidarity

Three British women were arrested and jailed for over 30 hours in Al Masra'a al Qibliya on 26 October for attending an “illegal demonstration” against the seizure of Palestinian land.

Remembering Iraq

On 30 July, WWII merchant navy veteran and 1991 Gulf Peace Team camper Richard Crump, 87, marked 16 years of his weekly Whitehall vigil for Iraq.

Remembering Ilya

Vigil outside Russian Embassy for Ilya Bodoraenko, 21, an anarchist and environmental activist from the group Autonomous Action, who died in hospital after being brutally attacked by Russi

Remembering Hiroshima

On 25 July, 12 people from Japan joined around 100 others to take part in the ongoing Faslane 365 Blockade.

Olive oil selling

I have a friend who's daughter became a peace activist. She was sending emails back from Palestine, and this focused my mind on what was happening there.

Prestwick inspectors acquitted as Crown falters on permission issue

Five of the 17 Prestwick weapons inspectors were acquitted on 1 December after the Crown failed to prove that they did not have permission from the US Air Force to be on their plane!

A month of action against occupation and war

Whilst the world turned its attention to Lebanon over the summer, the Israeli military were as busy as ever in Gaza; more than 400 Palestinians were killed, with 1000s injured; 150 buildings were completely destroyed, including homes - leaving many hundreds homeless - and essential infrastructure including a main power station, roads and bridges targeted. Individuals, groups and coalitions around the world have taken action in protest over the last month. Jenny Gaiawyn reports.


Anti-nuclear campaigners say "non"!

On 23 September an estimated 1,000 people converged on France's nuclear weapons facility at Les Landes in the south-west of the country to carry out a European “citizens' inspection”.