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Green shoots of peace in Israel

As a Christian, I had often thought of going to Israel-Palestine but had never quite been able to overcome the uneasy feeling of visiting a place regarded as ‘holy’ which is also a place of such injustice and violence.

In 1999, that changed when Pax Christi held its international council in Jordan and Jerusalem to offer support and encouragement to its partners in the whole region. To be invited by organisations working on the ground for peace and justice to ‘come and see’ made it somewhat easier to contemplate a visit. Since then I have made six visits to Israel/Palestine, most recently in October.

Bad prison news

On 2 August, 12 Palestinian and Jordanian detainees were reported to be on hunger strike in Israeli prisons – down from at least 23 in early July.

Editorial: Unarmed resistance

Nonviolent resistence in Palestine


Israel’s dirty war

While Palestinian prisoners continue hunger strikes against their detention without trial, Israeli and Egyptian forces are using sewage against Pal


Re-occupying Palestine

Palestinian activists erected three more tent villages on Palestinian land in February.

Building Gaza's Ark

Gaza’s Ark is a new project to refurbish a boat in Gaza’s port, then fill it with Palestinian goods, and set sail to export them in defiance of the Israeli blockade.

Palestinians’ faults

John Taylor, London

Surely the first point about Israel is that it is colonising and de facto annexing the occupied West Bank, contrary to the UN and international law.

Israel and BDS

Jonathan Rosenhead

ImageThe Peace News editorial comment on ‘Antisemitism, Zionism

Hard harvest

Gill Knight has been doing solidarity work in Palestine for a number of years.  This autumn she helped bring in the olive crop.


Occupy Palestine!

On 10 January, over 300 Palestinians set up camp in an Israeli-occupied area north-east of Jerusalem known as ‘E1’.