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Palestinians continue nonviolent campaigns

83 hospitalised during hunger strike


Palestinians practise nonviolent resistance

On 24 April, Palestinian prisoners in Israel began a new open-ended hunger strike.


Palestinian hunger strikers undergo ‘punitive measures’

...and Israeli refusers


Editorial: What next for Palestine?

We are shocked at the current US campaign to rob a future Palestinian state of viability and genuine independence (see the front page interview with Norman Finkelstein).


Israel faces nonviolent action from Palestinians and Africans

On 31 January, about 300 Palestinian activists re-occupied Ein Hijleh, a village in the Jordan Valley that was forcibly depopulated when Israel occupied the West Bank in 1967.

The end of Palestine?

US analyst Norman Finkelstein argues that the US-led peace process is about to impose Israel’s demands on the Palestinians


Act for Palestinian kids

Since September 2000, Israeli security forces have killed a Palestinian child every three days, on avera


Green shoots of peace

Eyewitness account of peace and justice projects inside Israel


Making peace on the streets

Minds of Peace at work


Green shoots of peace in Israel

As a Christian, I had often thought of going to Israel-Palestine but had never quite been able to overcome the uneasy feeling of visiting a place regarded as ‘holy’ which is also a place of such injustice and violence.

In 1999, that changed when Pax Christi held its international council in Jordan and Jerusalem to offer support and encouragement to its partners in the whole region. To be invited by organisations working on the ground for peace and justice to ‘come and see’ made it somewhat easier to contemplate a visit. Since then I have made six visits to Israel/Palestine, most recently in October.