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Nuclear Power

Fukushima solidarity as Japan remembers nuclear holocausts

London actions in solidarity with Japanese protests against restarting of nuclear reactors.


30 years ago: Waste dumping in Wales – a campaigning success

Arguments about nuclear power stations and nuclear waste were prevalent 30 years ago, as now – and PN played a key part. Ex-PN-staffer Paul Wesley tells of a campaign that succeeded.


Brief: Fourth Annual Sizewell Camp.

Brief review of the fourth annual camp at Sizewell nuclear power station


Stop Wylfa B demo

Anti-nuclear action in Wales


Nuclear no more!

Around 1,000 people demonstrated against the revival of nuclear power at Hinkley Point nuclear power station on 10-11 March, in the largest such protest for 30 years.

A dragon on the new frontline

From Hinkley Point in Somerset to Wylfa in the far north of Wales, the campaign against a new generation of nuclear power stations is heating up day-by-day.


Hinkley up a tree

Anti-nuclear power activists occupy oak grove


Fukushima fallout

It's too early yet to say post-Fukushima, says Philip Steele.


Solar meltdown at nuclear demo

A report from the Hinkley Point blockade.


Uranium walk

During September, 40 participants including “traditional owners” and supporters from France, the US and New Zealand were undertaking a 1,700-km 11-week walk from the town of Wiluna in Western Austr