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Nuclear Power

Sizewell Error

Sizewell error

Castor: 50,000 block nuclear waste train

Over 50,000 protesters mobilised to delay the twelfth annual transport of highly-radioactive material (123 tonnes in 11 carriages) from La Hague, France, to storage at Gorleben, Germany, in early N

Mixed messages on nuclear power in Wales

A new nuclear power station is planned for Wylfa, on the northernmost coast of Wales on the Isle of Anglesey.


Hinkley blockade

As part of an action weekend, protesters blocked the Hinkley Point nuclear power plant's main gates for almost an hour at lunchtime on 12 September.

UK nuclear weapons plants endangered by fire and flood

On 3 August, a fire broke out in the explosives area at the Atomic Weapons Establishment (AWE) Aldermaston.

Wade Allison, 'Radiation and Reason: The Impact of Science on a Culture of Fear'

Wade Allison Publishing, 2009; ISBN 978-0-956-275-61-5; 220pp; £15


Swedish power

On 14 June, dozens of Greenpeace activists were arrested after they broke into the Forsmark nuclear power plant, north of Stockholm, before a planned vote this week on whether to replace or refurbi

No new nuclear

A new anti-nuclear movement, “Stop Nuclear Power”, has organised two protest camps at Sizewell, the intended site for one of the first of a new wave of UK nuclear power plants.

Sizewell blockaded for democracy

At 6.40am on 22 February, anti-nuclear power activists from the recently-formed “People Power not Nuclear Power Coalition” began a blockade of Sizewell nuclear power station.

Democracy's banners

On 27 January, activists interrupted representatives of the nuclear industry giving evidence to the energy and climate change parliamentary select committee.