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Northern Ireland

Marking August 1969: remember Patrick Rooney

How Northern Ireland's 'Troubles' really began


Brexit: Ireland comes first

Preventing a hard border between Northern Ireland the Republic should be the peace movement's priority, argues Milan Rai


Poynted remarks

Our columnist takes on the lack of abortion rights in Northern Ireland


When murder is not a crime

State killings in Northern Ireland: what you won’t read in recent Guardian coverage


Ironing out ironies in Norn Iron

Brexit (and demographics) is creating plenty of future work for peace activists in Northern Ireland


No border: back the backstop

There should be no time limit on the open border in Ireland


October marked the 50th anniversary of a police riot, an unprovoked and brutal assault on a civil rights march in Northern Ireland

Robin Percial reflects on the strengths of Northern Ireland's civil rights movement


Common ground with Corrymeela

The Corrymeela peace centre in Northern Ireland is holding a summer peace event at the same time as Peace News Summer Camp.


40 years ago: six anti-militarists busted

Peace News had recently moved its main office out of London, as part of a strategy of changing the balance between its alternativist and ‘constructivist’ coverage on the one hand, and its invol

Norn Iron

Rob Fairmichael, Belfast

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