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Final victory for McLibel 2

A lengthy legal struggle by two campaigners has been vindicated with a final victory in the the European Court of Human Rights: on 15 February the ECHR ruled that the McLibel 2 - Helen Ste

Shell protest in London links Ireland and Nigeria

Crossing the Irish Sea, the “Battle of the Bog” reached London at the end of September, as protests were held outside Shell's South Bank headquarters.

A growth industry

In January 2003, as plans for war in Iraq mounted, US defence secretary Donald Rumsfeld ruled out re-initiating the military draft, saying, “there is no need for it at all.

Declaration: Stop the violence of Coca-Cola in Colombia and in the world!

Colombia has become a model of the extreme use of violence to impose neoliberal globalisation.

Unreal thing

There are many reasons not to drink Coca-Cola, but this most symbolic of drinks has yet to face a coordinated boycott campaign.

Women occupy oil stations

In south-eastern Nigeria, hundreds of unarmed Ijaw women used boats to occupy four Chevron-Texaco pipeline stations.

Bhopal survivors' satyagraha

In the spirit of satyagraha, three survivors of the 1984 Bhopal gas disaster began a hunger strike outside the Indian parliament on 28 June.

Peace, progress and private armies

In October 2001, after taking over parts of the Swat, Dir and Korakoram highway in northern Pakistan, Sufi Mohammad led his 5000-strong army of Tehrik Nifaz Shariat-I-Mohammadi [one of fiv

Behind bars hotels

Internationally, the role of the private sector in the criminal justice system is now substantial and set to expand.