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"Peace News has compiled an exemplary record... its tasks have never been more critically important than they are today." Noam Chomsky

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Peace Pays!

This month sees the launch of a new interactive website from Conscience The Peace Tax Campaign.

Compiled and edited by Peace Direct, 'Unarmed Heroes: The Courage to Go Beyond Violence'

Clairview Books 2004; ISBN 1 9026 3652 X; Pb 257pp; £10.95


Not enough peacekeepers?

The word at the UN is that there is a “commitment gap” - that is, the world's militarily most powerful countries want to see more military intervention around the world, but are reluctant

From peacekeeping to "peace operations"

Peacekeeping has changed a lot since 1956, when Lester B Pearson--then Canadian Foreign Minister--proposed that the UN send an international force to the Sinai desert to prevent fighting.

Prophets in Pakistan

“So how was Pakistan?” Friends eager to know more about my recent work in the Islamic Republic have had to wait patiently as I search my vocabulary for the appropriate words.

Two statements from March 2002 on the breakdown of peace negotiations


Decentralised co-operation on peace-building

Cooperation for development has long ceased to be the prerogative of states.

It is easier to begin an armed struggle than to end one

As popular support waned in the 1980s, guerrilla groups made various attempts to switch to unarmed political struggle.

Cypriot women challenge the island's partition

In her ongoing examination of how women can and do operate across borders, and create spaces for dialogue, Cynthia Cockburn reports on a recent "bi-communal" experience in Cyprus.