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Learning to skateboard in a warzone (if you’re a girl)

Paula Osorio reviews an award-winning documentary


Afghan peace?

On 12 September, for the first time ever, there were direct, public talks between representatives of the Afghan government and of the Taliban.

US sanctions ICC

Assets frozen over attempts to investigate US war crimes in Afghanistan


‘A perpetual motion machine of killing’

The Media Lens team survey recent reporting on claims that UK special forces executed unarmed Afghan civilians 







Afghan activists freed

On 26 December, 27 Afghan peace activists were released by Taliban insurgents after being held for 45 hours.

Deadly peace process

The US military, Afghan government forces and the Taliban have all escalated their deadly attacks during peace negotiations.

What Does War Generate?

Who carries out the works of mercy in the war-torn country of Afghanistan?


Learn Your Lessons Well: An Afghan teenager makes up his mind

A young Afghan peace activist sets out his hopes for the future.


Mike Martin, An Intimate War: An Oral History of the Helmand Conflict

Hurst, 2014; 389pp; £25


Clark Stoeckley, The United States vs Pvt. Chelsea Manning

OR Books, 2014; 199pp; £12. Purchase online here: http://www.orbooks.com/catalog/manning-trial/