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Killing the patient

US officials have secretly advocated that NATO take steps to ramp-up Taliban violence and extremism in Afghanistan, a leaked document has revealed.


Victory for Maya

Peace activist and PN columnist Maya Evans won a judicial review at the high court on 12 May, overturning a new rule introduced last year ending legal aid for applicants who would not direc

Britain takes direct control of armed drones in Afghanistan

US drones continue to target Pakistan, despite opposition


The long game

Britain to stay in Afghanistan after 2014, playing


Interviewing Nicolas Kent, Tricycle Theatre

Milan Rai interviews the Tricycle Theatre's artistic director


Afghanistan: What if the US and NATO forces leave?

A report from the recent Voices for Creative Nonviolence delegation to support the Afghan Youth Peace Volunteers.


Mixed messages

Reports that the Obama administration is about to get serious about peace talks in Afghanistan are belied by plans for long-term bases


Peanuts for Justice

Maya Evans reflects on courts, money and human rights


Time out

According to official figures, nine members of the armed forces have applied for discharge as conscientious objectors since the Afghanistan war started in 2001, it was disclosed at the end of Janua

The Avoidable War

Even as the current US-led escalation in Afghanistan continues to shut-down the still-live option of a negotiated end to the war, a new report has confirmed that the US blocked Taliban efforts to r