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Peace group mix up?

We’ve just become aware of a new group “British citizens for peace in Libya”, which seems to have started in April, rapidly upgrading itself to “Global citizens for peace in Libya”, which carried o

UN demands ceasefire

Libya: NATO refuses to support humanitarian “pause”


Not keen on Libya

Polls in the UK show confusion and a lack of enthusiasm for the war in Libya


Libya war used as RAF advert

“The RAF’s over-budget Typhoon fighter jets are being deployed in Libya on missions for which they are ill-equipped, because military chiefs are anxious to justify their high cost,” military source

Libyan peace deal undermined by West

One of the most significant attempts to broker a peace deal to end the war in Libya failed in mid-April, undermined by western leaders who assured Libyan rebels of a military victory over Libyan le

We arm dictators, then bomb their people

As Peace News goes to press, Britain is once again bombing a Middle Eastern dictatorship that it previously helped to arm.

Editorial: Libya

How quickly wars happen. One month, we see grassroots nonviolence toppling dictators. The next month, we see a civil war. The month after that, we see cruise missiles and war planes in the air.

Libya: the UN and the war

Britain’s participation in the US-led war on Libya, which began on 19 March, followed the passing of United Nations security council resolution 1973, which calls for an end to attacks on civilians


Jill Gibbon in Parliament