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PNedit's blog

Rebel Clown Army comes to Peace News

Background info on PN's Clown Training Workshop in March 2012.

Occupy Manchester

Natalia Grana writes from the occupation in the city centre.


Dress code

Jill Gibbon reports from Britain's biggest arms fair.


Occupy London Stock Exchange, 15 Oct 2011

Photos and video from the start of Occupy London Stock Exchange.


A decade too long

Six activists arrested marking the 10th anniversary of the 2001 invasion of Afghanistan.


Decision Day at Dale Farm: 19 September

Patrick Nicholson gives a view behind the barricades of organising resistance to the Dale Farm eviction


DSEi-ing with death

ImageThis is the first of a series of drawings from DSEi 2011.

As the world’s largest arms fair, DSEi is part of a wider shift in the commercialisation of war. Although arms companies have always profited from conflict, military production was previously linked to the perceived needs of the state.

In the 1990s this changed. Arms companies responded to the reduction of military budgets at the end of the Cold War by expanding beyond state boundaries, merging into multinationals and selling to almost any country willing to buy. Caught between the national and multinational, promising defence while selling war, the international arms trade is riddled with contradictions.

Arms companies sell military equipment to opposing sides of border disputes, to developing countries at inflated prices, and to repressive regimes for ‘crowd control’. Many of these deals take place at DSEi.

Voice of the People: An interview with the Hankyoreh

Milan Rai interviews a key speaker at the 2011 Rebellious Media Conference.


The whole of the moon

Tony Telford writes on brain structures and western thinking


NEAT and tidy in the pink

A report from the anti-militarist gathering in Sweden

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