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Rai, Milan


Yes, we are facing daunting threats (as Noam Chomsky points out in his interview).

Vital interests

What is Trident for?

Iraq: polls suggest growing discontent

A number of polls have been conducted in Iraq to mark the fourth anniversary of the invasion, demonstrating enormous and growing hostility to the occupation.

Blaming Iran

As US troops begin their “surge” into Baghdad, the Bush administration is preparing a scapegoat for the failure of this latest escalation: Iran.

Noam Chomsky, 'Failed States: The Abuse of Power and the Assault on Democracy'

Metropolitan Books 2006; ISBN 0 80507 912 2; 320pp; £16.99


The cartoon wars

The crisis over the Muhammad cartoons is not, despite appearances, primarily about free speech, or the prohibition on depicting the Prophet.

Mike Davis, 'The Monster at Our Door: The Global Threat of Avian Flu'

New Press, 2005. ISBN 1 59558 011 5; 210pp; £12.99


Andrew Murray and Lindsey German , 'Stop the War: The story of Britain's biggest mass movement'

Bookmarks, 2005; ISBN 1 905192 00 2; 276pp; £15.99


Whoever you vote for, Washington wins

The elections in Iraq have been an unprecedented opportunity for ordinary people to influence the destiny of their country, but the National Assembly they have elected is so hedged in with US impos

Staying power

The woman passed by, then came back and took a leaflet.