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The heavy iron door slammed behind me. Something about the situation seemed familiar. A woman police constable turned and faced me: “I’m arresting you for breaching your bail conditions.

Hich is free!

Hicham Yezza, a Nottingham university peace activist, was convicted in February on immigration charges - which he is appealing.

Home front

They say that families live prison sentences just as much as the prisoner and that was certainly true for us.

Free Hicham!

On 12 February, after a surprisingly brief trial (the judge cut the presentation of complex evidence down to one day), peace activist and former Nottingham University student Hicham Yezza

Draconian SHAC sentences

Seven animal-rights activists of Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty (SHAC) were jailed on 21 January, with sentences ranging from four to 11 years in prison.

Jailed for words

On 6 June, after an 18-week trial, the operator of a website criticising animal testing company Sequani, was found guilty under section 145 of the Serious Organised Crime and Police Act 200

Freed speech

After a vigorous campaign to defend him, Nottingham University staff member and peace activist Hicham Yezza was freed from detention on 15 June and the threat of deportation lifted.

Dying on the inside

At the time of going to press (and almost a month after she died) the exact cause of Pauline Campbell’s death remains unclear.

One in, one out

On 18 March, Catholic Worker Fr. Martin Newell was sentenced by Stratford Magistrates Court to five days jail for refusal to pay £440 in fine, costs, compensation and victim support.

Why I go to jail

In October 2005, Maya Anne Evans was arrested opposite the Cenotaph for reading the names of British soldiers who had died in the Iraq war. She was later convicted of participating in an "unauthorised" demonstration under the "Serious Organised Crime and Police Act" (2005). Maya has refused to pay her £200 fine, or the £100 fine she received for a similar protest a year later. At the beginning of September, Maya learned that a warrant had been issued for her arrest. She faces two 14-day prison sentences.