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Paths through utopias

Paths through utopias

Sadly our Utopian tour has ended. We’ve been back in London a few weeks and most of our friends have (quite expectedly) asked “So, how was it?”

Paths through utopias

There’s an icy February wind pushing us around what feels like a walled medieval city.

Paths through utopias: Liberating love

“If you went beyond this point they would have shot you” Barbara tells us as we walk past lampposts painted with military looking red and white stripes.

Paths through utopias: From socialism to anarchism via capitalism.

The rain freezes as it hits the windscreen, creating a 1970s dappled frosted glass effect not very useful when you're driving in ice rink conditions on thick snow.

Paths through utopias: Starting the journey

“Of course another world is possible...