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UK spends £2bn on MoD drones – commits £2bn more

There's more and more information and protest about military drones.


Drone campaign news

Updates on UK campaigning against armed drones


Afghanistan: drones versus peace

On the eleventh anniversary of the invasion of Afghanistan, a new opportunity for a negotiated solution is being blocked.


How green are our valleys? Around and about the fair country

Kelvin Mason surveys the Welsh activist scene


Remote killing

UK public split on drone strikes as lawyers challenge British complicity and the peace movement gears up for ‘Ground the Drones’ week of action.


British attitudes on drone strikes

I've long raised the question of British attitudes towards drones and drone strikes. We now have some info about this courtesy of a new poll by Pew: http://tinyurl.com/pewsdronestrikes


Medea Benjamin: Drone Warfare: Killing by Remote Control

OR Books, 2012; 180pp; £11.


Dispatch from the future



Yemen drone strikes

US president Barack Obama personally intervened to prevent the release of a Yemeni journalist who revealed that a 2009 airstrike that killed 14 women and 21 childre