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Charges dropped for anti-drones activists

Defendants' lawyers say move prompted by desire to conceal UK arms exports info


Drone protests US: prison for Kathy Kelly

US peace campaigner jailed for drones action


End the Drone Wars

Activists break into UK drone base


UK airstrikes in Iraq hit 100 – one third by drones

As air war continues, secrecy over UK drone leads to speculation re. possible Mali deployment


Kites not drones

Welsh activists 'drape the drones' at Parc Aberporth


Israeli drone factory in UK occupied by Gaza protesters

Rooftop occupation leads to 4 arrests


Croughton Confidential

PN takes a look at a secretive, unaccountable and out-of-control US spy base


US drones acquittal

On 31 July, anti-drones protester Russell Brown was acquitted by a jury in New York state despite admitting lying in the road in front of Hancock air national guard base on 28 April 2013, as part o

‘RAF’ Croughton – Secretive, unaccountable & out of control of the UK government

Ahead of the national demo there on 4 October, Lindis Percy and Chris Cole take a look at RAF Croughton & its role in the US drone wars.



As the UK sends five additional armed Reaper drones to Afghanistan, campaigners continue to challenge government secrecy surrounding British drone operations.