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Understanding power

Noam Chomsky, Who Rules the World?

Hamish Hamilton, 2016; 320pp; £18.99


What anti-oppression workshops should teach

One of the world’s leading activist trainers draws on decades of experience



Western powers wanted 'leadership change, regime stabilisation' in Libya


Obscene amounts of money

The government boosted company profits, while increasing inequality and global hunger


The Propaganda Model

In time for the PN-initiated Rebellious Media Conference, a brief guide to the classic analysis of the mainstream media by Noam Chomsky and Edward Herman, co-authors of Manufacturing Consent.


Noam Chomsky, 9/11; Noam Chomsky, Power and Terror: Conflict, Hegemony and the Rule of Force; Lois Meyer and Benjamin Maldonado Alvarado eds, New World of Indigenous Resistance

9/11 (Seven Stories Press 2011, rev. ed. 176pp, £8.99); Power and Terror: Conflict, Hegemony and the Rule of Force (Pluto 2011, rev. ed., 224pp, £12.99); New World of Indigenous Resistance: Noam Chomsky and voices from North, South and Central America (City Lights Books 2010, 416pp, £17.99)


Propaganda and media

Milan Rai recaps the Chomsky-Herman "Propaganda Model" of the mainstream media.



The British press has been marking the 25th anniversary of the start of the miners’ strike of 1984-5, a shattering event for many of us who lived through it.

National Security Strategy News

On 19 March, the British prime minister launched the much–delayed National Security Strategy (NSS) – to little enthusiasm.