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"Peace News has compiled an exemplary record... its tasks have never been more critically important than they are today." Noam Chomsky

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Radical Living

Janet Snell, Anatomy of a Commune: Laurieston Hall 1972 – 1987 & Hylda Sims and Freer Spreckley, Commune on the Moors: A story of Lifespan

Diggers & Dreamers Publications, 2021; 358pp; £12


Diggers & Dreamers Publications 2020; 200pp; £12

Both available from: www.diggersanddreamers.org.uk


Is another life possible?

ImageAndrew Bolton reviews Clare Stober's book about the Bruderhof: 'Another Life is Possible – Insights from 100 years of life together' (Plough Books, 2020; 320pp; £21.50)


Diary: Highs and lows

Ali Tamlit gets up close and personal with the things that hurt the most


Diary: 'Sorry, did I pop your echo chamber?'

It's good to talk ...


Women in workers’ co-ops

Finding common threads in different lives, different organisations


60 years ago: Gandhi in Italy

Two members of the Pacifist Youth Action Group, hitch-hiking to India to spend a period at a Gandhian project, stopped en route to join an international workcamp undertaking post-war reconstruction in Italy. Then, as now, such work both deals with some of the legacy of war and also – by its international co-operative nature – helps to undermine the causes of future wars. They sent back a report to Peace News.


40 years ago: Overwhelming Woody

In line with its counter-cultural aims when moving its editorial office out of London for some years, PN gave regular space to ‘Woody’, who called for a commitment to alternative ways of living, rather than oppositional politics. He provoked much debate from correspondents.


Diary: Autumnal thoughts

'Who would have thought three months ago that an anti-war MP might become leader of the Labour party?'


Diary: End-of-termitis

'I'm sick of protesting this shit'


Diary: Marking Time

Why anniversaries matter