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"Peace News has compiled an exemplary record... its tasks have never been more critically important than they are today." Noam Chomsky

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Visionary thinking

Ruaridh Arrow (dir), How to Start a Revolution

2011; 87 minutes; available for £11.99 + p&p from TVF: tvinternational.com


All capitalism's fault?

Helen Porter, Bwichyffridd

ImageWell, I agree with everything Lucy Lant (PN 2542) says about clim

A commonwealth

Godric Bader, Bedford

ImageAs a reader and subscriber to PN since the 1930s, and as one of t

Nonviolent Revolution: George Lakey Tour

The remarkable George Lakey, nonviolence trainer extraordinaire, is coming to the UK in July, hosted by Peace News.


Editorial: Against capitalism or against “the system”?

What is it we are against and what is it that we are for? Questions that arise more sharply, perhaps, in the age of Occupy.


Where next for radical media?

Rebellious Media Conference contributors Anne Beech, Michael Albert, Brian Dominick and Emily Johns respond to some questions from Peace News


Derek Wall, The No-nonsense Guide to Green politics; Derek Wall, The Rise of the Green Left: Inside the Worldwide Ecosocialist Movement

The No-nonsense Guide to Green politics (New Internationalist, 2010; 144pp; £7.99); The Rise of the Green Left: Inside the Worldwide Ecosocialist Movement. (Pluto Press, 2010; 208pp; £12.99)


Editorial: Down the Dark Mountain

This issue we carry a report from a participant in this year’s Uncivilisation festival, inspired by the Dark Mountain project and manifesto (see p3).

The Free Association, Moments of Excess: Movements, protest and everyday life

PM Press, 2011; 128pp; £10.99



Ann Stringer, Portugal

PN 2530, in February , was one of the most informative, interesting and exciting I’ve read, especially Michael Albert’s article “Parecon”.