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Visionary thinking

Diary: Back from the future

I took part in an exercise recently. I was told to imagine that I had come from the future, in fact seven generations or 200 years into the future.

Sean Michael Wilson and Carol Thompson, Parecomic: The Story of Michael Albert and Participatory Economics

Seven Stories Press, 2013; 224pp; £12.99


Michael Albert & Mandisi Majavu, Fanfare for the Future Volume 1: Occupy Theory

ZBooks, 2012; 109pp; available for free download at tinyurl.com/peacenews1002


Co-ops come together

Felix Lozano is inspired by the spirit of a co-operation at Co-operatives United.


Anarchist Sabbath

A secular tool for sustainability.


David Swanson, War is a Lie

Biteback, 2011; 384pp; £12.99


Nurturing conflict

Does mainstream education steal conflict from children?


Activism and the limits of consensus

The final part of our interview with US activist George Lakey



FEX: Funding the revolution

Radical philanthropy shares power with activists


Andrew Cornell: Propose and Oppose: Lessons from Movement for a New Society

AK Press, 2011; 200pp; £9.