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"Peace News has compiled an exemplary record... its tasks have never been more critically important than they are today." Noam Chomsky

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Activist History

Theodore Roszack 1933 – 2011

Historian, novelist, anti-war activist and author of "The Making of a Counter Culture".


Greenham women are everywhere

PN remembers Peggy Seeger's classic song "Carry Greenham Home" - and the action that inspired it.


From the archives: Upper Heyford and the (1986) bombing of Libya

Reagan's 1986 attack on Libya and the UK peace movement's response.


Pacifist WWI veteran dies

The last survivor of more than 70 million military personnel who served in the First World War died in Australia on 5 May, aged 110.


Peace News: the early years

A PN board member looks back over the early years


Women’s voices, Women’s action

Like much of the (male-dominated) British peace movement, Peace News had an uncomfortable time coming to terms with second-wave feminism in the 1970s. Here are some thought-provoking reflections on feminism and nonviolence published in PN over the last few decades.


PN's long history

Tony Simpson, Honiton, Devon

ImageCongratulations and thanks on PN attaining the ripe old ag

Peace News: The first 75 glorious years

Albert Beale makes a personal selection of a few of the more noteworthy images and pieces of writing that have appeared in Peace News over the last 75 years. Some of the items are chosen because of their eloquence, some because they typify PN's often lonely and unique take on the world, and some because they connect with major world events. And sometimes all three.


Remembering Colin Ward 1924–2010

Five Leaves Publications paperback; £5; available from Housmans and Freedom bookshops or post-free from Five Leaves, PO Box 8786, Nottingham NG1 9AW


William Hathaway, Radical Peace. People Refusing War

Trine Day, 2010; 179pp; £9.23