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"Peace News has compiled an exemplary record... its tasks have never been more critically important than they are today." Noam Chomsky

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Power and strategy

Preparing for effective action and developing coherent strategies for change require an understanding of power. Steve Whiting offers some good foundations.


Edited by Notes from Nowhere, 'We Are Everywhere: the Irresistible Rise of Global Anti-Capitalism'

Verso, 2003; ISBN 1 85984 447 2; £10.99; 530pp


Dan Jones, 'Banners and Dragons: The Complete Guide to Creative Campaigning'

Amnesty International UK, 2003; ISBN 1 873328 59 1; £12.99


New days of action

On 5 June 2003 a small group ofactivists managed to successfully blockade BAe Systems(BAeS) offices in North Edinburgh for three hours.

First-hand: Raytheon Peacemakers

In 1991, during the first Gulf War, I joined an ad hoc demonstration to protest at president Bush's visit to the Andover, Massachusetts, Raytheon plant.

Tokyo rising

After introducing the TokyoProgressive website at the International Green Forum (Japan) that was held over two years ago, I was asked by a member of the German IndyMedia collective why Jap

Facing our challenges?

This has turned into a bit of a funny issue really, but the original idea was to try to generate a snapshot of the “health” of the international peace movement in the “post 11 September 20

Nonviolent resistance to war in America

The Iraq Pledge of Resistance is a US campaign of nationally coordinated nonviolent civil disobedience to oppose the war in Iraq.

About artwork and activism

It has become fashionable again among a few artists and groups in some alternative publishing companies here in France - but also, I believe, in Belgium, Switzerland, the US, Canada, and B

Tim Jordan, 'Activism! - Direct Action, Hacktivism and the Future of Society'

Reaktion Books 2002. ISBN 1 86189 122 9, 164pp, £12.95