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May Day is workers' day

The struggle for the eight-hour day which began in the 19th century (and which goes on, even now) involved strikes and demonstrations throughout the world, and a coo

Zanon and BAUEN

As the largest “recuperated” or worker-occupied factory in Argentina, the Zanon ceramics plant in the Patagonian province of Neuqun employs 470 workers.

David Gribble, 'Worlds Apart'

Libertarian Education, 2006; ISBN 0 9551647 0 2; £8.95.


After the party, farewell to the Square

Just a few days after hosting the Peace News 70th birthday party, central London's The Square social centre had effectively come to an end.

A community repairs its broken dreams

A community action group in Chile is helping a neighbourhoodto better its environment and the lives of its people. Their main focus is on improving the quality of life for the community'schildren and on encouraging participation by them in organising and managing their own spaces. Luis Tricot reports.