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Movement building

Anna Feigenbaum, Fabian Frenzel and Patrick McCurdy: Protest Camps

Zed, 2013; 256pp; £16.99


Wrongful Arrest IPCC Complaint Upheld

Following a brutal arrest and an IPCC complaint being upheld, Mani Hamid is seeking a movement to support victims of miscarriages of justice.


Cut war, not jobs

Cameron commits £2bn to drones while chopping disability benefits


Diversity of tactics and the 1%

The practical advantages of nonviolent strategies in mobilising for revolution. 


Anarchist Sabbath

A secular tool for sustainability.


Editorial: Collective ownership

The pros and cons of 'rebel countercultures'


Activism and the limits of consensus

The final part of our interview with US activist George Lakey



Again: whither CND?

The debate around CND's remit continues


Editorial: Their lot is not a happy one

Is it revolutionary - or counter-revolutionary - to attack the police?


FEX: Funding the revolution

Radical philanthropy shares power with activists