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UK spends £2bn on MoD drones – commits £2bn more

There's more and more information and protest about military drones.


More lost by the second

Kathy Kelly on courtyard life and courtyard death in Pakistan and Afghanistan


Death by drone

160 children killed in Pakistan


Assassinating Osama

Questions around the killing of bin Laden.


Pakistani anti-drones sit-down blocks NATO’s supply route

On 23 April, thousands of Pakistanis, “led” by ex-cricketer-turned-politician Imran Khan blocked the Khyber pass, the route for 70% of supplies for NATO troops in Afghanistan.


Moving beyond US national interest

The US group Voices for Creative Non-Violence report on civil unrest and a militarised society in Pakistan


Drones and democracy

A delegation of US peace activists visit the terrorised in Pakistan.


Pakistan strikes

On 10 April, up to 71 civilians were killed in Pakistani government airstrikes near the Afghan border, part of the US-backed offensives against militants linked to the Afghan Taliban.

A Weaver's Welcome

2 June 2009: Shortly after arriving in Pakistan, one week ago, we met a weaver and his extended family, numbering 76 in all, who had been forcibly displaced from their homes in Fathepur, a

Visitors and Hosts in Pakistan

10 June: In Jayne Anne Phillips’ Lark and Termite, the skies over Korea, in 1950, are described in this way: