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Des Freedman (ed), Capitalism’s Conscience: 200 Years of the Guardian

Pluto Press, 2021; 304pp; £16.99


Patrick Barwise & Peter York, The War Against the BBC

Penguin Books, 2020; 528pp; £10.99


Greg McLaughlin, Russia and the Media: The Makings of a New Cold War

Pluto Press, 2020; 224pp; £19.99


Natalie Fenton, Des Freedman, Justin Schlosberg & Lina Dencik, The Media Manifesto

Polity Press, 2020; 142 pp; £9.99


Assange arrests

Verdict in Assange extradition trial expected 4 January


Julian Assange fights extradition

WikiLeaks exposed ‘grave violations of law’, court told


Suleimani secrets

Before the US murdered him, it formed an alliance with the Iranian general – twice


290 dead, nothing said

Censoring the destruction of Iran Air Flight 655


How the Western media support state terror – while millions die

Five academics examine our media's coverage of foreign affairs, in a piece censored (and then rejected) by a leading liberal publication.


The US attacks press freedom, threatens Julian Assange and jails Chelsea Manning again

Assange faces 175 years in prison as Manning reimprisoned