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Social Struggles

Movements for mountains

State terrorism, corporate mining and nonviolent resistance in India


Rossporter jailed

On 10 February, in Castlebar circuit court, Ireland, local fisherman Pat O’Donnell was sentenced to seven months in jail for “breach of the peace” and “obstructing a Garda” (police officer) for tak

Jeffrey Haas, 'The Assassination of Fred Hampton: How the FBI and the Chicago Police Murdered a Black Panther'

Lawrence Hill Books, 2010; ISBN 978-1-556-527-65-4, 376pp, £22.50


Shell net jail time

On 11 December, Rossport activist Maura Harrington was jailed for nine months for causing €160 damage to a Shell net on Glengad cliffs, after refusing to be bound over to keep the peace.

Campaign Profile: United Campaign Against Police Violence

Sadly, the death of Ian Tomlinson at the G20 protests in London on 1 April was not an isolated case.

Marching for May Day

As the financial crisis continues to rage throughout the world, and unemployment rates climb ever higher, workers came together for this year’s May Day in a spirit of discontent rather tha

May Day: Start of a new world

On 1 May, former Prisme workers re-launched themselves as Discovery Packaging and Design (DPD) after the “long hard slog” of a seven-week occupation (see PN 2508).

G20 mayhem

Several demonstrations were organised to protest at the present state of the world on 1 April, on the eve of the “G20” world leaders’ summit in Docklands, East London.

Battered at Climate Camp in the City

Midday, 1 April. Our group from Wales joined a mass swoop on Bishopsgate in the financial district of London.

Counterpower - against poverty in Edinburgh

When Fred Goodwin’s house was vandalised on 25 March, the media portrayed this action against the former head of the Royal Bank of Scotland as political opposition to the financial crisis.