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International Solidarity

Poor taste in music is no excuse for bombing!

The gang of lads asked my name, then dissolved in giggles, slapping each other's shoulders, when I told them mine and asked theirs.

Palestine from inside

Answering an appeal from Palestine/Israel to help pick olives, I joined a group of friends from Switzerland for a couple of weeks (28 Oct - 10 Nov 2002) under the auspices of the YMCA and

Decentralised co-operation on peace-building

Cooperation for development has long ceased to be the prerogative of states.

A volunteer's letter home

Greetings from the front lines in the battle for democracy in Colombia.

Rebirth of solidarity

There is a diverse and rapidly growing movement to end US military involvement in Colombia.

Organisations accompanied by PBI Colombia

  • The San José de Apartadó; Peace Community See page 23.
  • The “Nunca Más” (“Never again”) Project This group works in the area of recovering h

Unreal thing

There are many reasons not to drink Coca-Cola, but this most symbolic of drinks has yet to face a coordinated boycott campaign.

Peace organisations involved in Colombia solidarity work

US-based and international organisations.


Unarmed bodyguards

Peace Brigades International (PBI) is a non-governmental organisation working with communities world-wide to address conflicts in nonviolent ways.

SOA trespassers en route to prison

In July, 36 activists were sentenced to terms of between 90 days and six months in prison for their symbolic trespassing at the US “school for assassins” the Western Hemisphere Institute f