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International Solidarity

Katharine von Schubert, 'Checkpoints and Chances: eyewitness accounts from an observer in Israel-Palestine'

Quaker Books 2005; ISBN 0 852453 66 3; 128pp; £9


No detention without trial!

On 23 January, around 500 people turned out for a demonstration calling for justice for the British detainees held in Guantanamo Bay.

Damned Iceland

The Saving Iceland campaign began in 2003, when the Icelandic government bypassed a series of laws in order to allow the national power company, Landsvirkjun, to build a gigantic hydroelect

British pacifist in hostage crisis

Candle-lit vigils for the four peace activists abducted in Iraq were held around the country on the evening of Friday 2 December - including ones in Oxford, Bradford, Evesham, Derby and on the step

Anniversary marked with actions and awards

On 10 November, nine nooses were hung outside the London Shell headquarters, paralleling the hangings of activist-author Ken Saro-Wiwa and eight of his Ogoni colleagues on 10 November 1995.

Doing the Shackle Shuffle

Political folk band Seize the Day, comedian Mark Thomas, and human rights lawyer Clive Stafford Smith descend on Hiatt's in early September to perform the Shackle Shuffle and to give the shackle-ma

Julia Guest (dir), 'A Letter to the Prime Minister: Jo Wilding in Iraq'

Zero Films, 2005; Documentary, certificate 12; 70 mins. DVD; £16


Protesters call for action to end genocide in Sudan

On Sunday 15 May exiles from Sudan, along with supporters, gathered in London to demand that the British government take action to halt the genocide in the Sudanese region of Darfur.

Tsunami appeals

Millions of people around the world have donated money to the major disaster relief networks such as the Disasters Emergency Committee (http://www.dec.o

History repeats itself

It repeats itself: the main hospital has been closed down by US troops and is being used for military operations, ambulances are being prevented, again by US troops, from moving around the