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Stop tightening the thumb screws

US sanctions on Iran are making it even more difficult for that country to deal with COVID-19 - and may have helped to spread the disease to its neighbours - writes veteran US peace activist Kathy Kelly. 


Iran Airbus

Pre-war art by Emily Johns


Suleimani secrets

Before the US murdered him, it formed an alliance with the Iranian general – twice


290 dead, nothing said

Censoring the destruction of Iran Air Flight 655


US: a terrorist state

The Baghdad airport massacre is part of a pattern of US assassinations


Suleimani and western propaganda

Milan Rai surveys the UK media's coverage of the assassination of Qassem Suleimani


Editorial: No more gunboat diplomacy

How the US anti-war movement has helped to restrain Donald Trump


Trump’s threats against Iran

Iran guilty of "crime" of successful defiance


Why was the Iran nuclear deal 10 years late?

Iranian offers which have been erased from history


Distorting Iran

PN considers broadsheet editorial reactions to July’s nuclear deal