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Climate Change

Barclays: storm & spin

Campaigners organised a social media storm on 7 May to coincide with the AGM of Barclays bank, the largest European provider of fossil fuel financing.

1,500 years

The UK will take 1,500 years to de-carbonise its domestic heating if funding levels proposed this April are maintained, New Scientist reports.

‘A good alarm signal’

The dramatic melting of Greenland’s ice sheet in the summer of 2019 – which saw near-record rates - was largely down to a persistent zone of high pressure over the region, according to a scientific

100 seconds left

Nuclear arms race and ‘limited political response’ to climate change shift Doomsday clock forward 20 seconds


African school strikers

The UK Student Climate Network is circulating an appeal from Fridays for Future Cameroon.

Roger Hallam, Common Sense for the 21st Century: only nonviolent rebellion can now stop climate breakdown and social collapse

Common Sense for the 21st Century, 2019; 80pp; £6


It is not just a bunch of flowers

An XR act of gratitude to Brixton police officers was painful and racist


Six million join two global strikes for the climate

‘We are not sinking, we are fighting’


Climate action continues

Aberystwyth strikers hold People's Assembly


Police ban on XR was illegal

Police abused powers over 500 times during October ‘rebellion’