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MPs criticise police

Police Bill 'a recipe for the arbitrary use of power' says report


Travellers ‘Drive2Survive’

Nomadic people launch campaign against Police Bill


'The criminal justice system is failing women'

Reclaim These Streets statement on the vigil on Clapham Common


‘Kill the bill’

Protests across Wales draw many first-time demonstrators


Clapham Common

Police forcibly disperse 'Sarah Everard' assembly


NETPOL report

The policing of the large-scale Black Lives Matter demonstrations in the UK in 2020 was institutionally racist.

I am not ‘product’

Women activists from Police Spies Out Of Lives expressed their disgust at the ‘blatant disregard for women’s human rights’ shown by a former undercover police officer at the official Undercover Pol

Welsh police lose face

Use of automatic facial recognition tech by South Wales police ruled unlawful




Police ban on XR was illegal

Police abused powers over 500 times during October ‘rebellion’


Scottish spycops

On 21 November, Scotland’s supreme civil court, the court of session, ruled that the UK and Scottish governments acted correctly in not extending the Undercover Policing Inquiry north of the border