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Fallujah: a toxic legacy worse than Hiroshima?

On 24 July, the Independent reported the results of a questionnaire survey conducted in Fallujah in January and February.

Wikileaks arrest

It was reported on 6 June that US federal officials had arrested 22-year-old army intelligence analyst Bradley Manning for passing classified US combat video and state department records to the whi

Blair arrest attempt

Malaysian anti-war groups attempted to arrest former British prime minister Tony Blair when he appeared as the keynote speaker at a “National Achievers Conference” in Kuala Lumpur.

Iraq war "illegal"

The decision to invade Iraq in 2003 had “no sound mandate in international law”, a Dutch inquiry said on 13 January, in the first independent legal assessment of the decision.

Arrest Blair!

Tony Blair may be sleeping a little less soundly in his bed following the launch of ArrestBlair.org.

Hip-hop soldier

Marc Hall, a soldier based at Fort Stewart, Georgia, who has already served in Iraq, has been jailed for recording a protest song.

Dahr Jamail, 'The Will to Resist'

Haymarket, 2009; ISBN 978-1-931-859-88-2; 230pp; £13.99


No Kurds gassed

Contrary to popular belief, the British RAF did not drop chemical weapons on Iraqi Kurds in the 1920s, according to US historian Ray Douglas of Colgate University, New York.

No Iraqi returns

The first attempt to forcibly return asylum seekers to central and southern Iraq ended in embarrassment for the British government, as 34 of the 44 Iraqis remained on the plane in Baghdad and flew

Iraqi/Afghan abuse

A former British military police officer told BBC Radio 5 on 11 October: “there were incidents running into the hundreds involving death and serious injury to Iraqis where the chain of command of t