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Shannon conviction overturned

Irish peace activist Mary Kelly has won a six-year struggle to overturn a conviction for a $1m action against the invasion of Iraq in 2003.


Wrexham: First Gulf War and Bradley Manning

The first bombing raid of the Gulf War was launched on Iraq 20 years ago.

Waste my money? No!

Dave Pybus, Peterborough

I decided not to read the books by Bush and Blair because I believed they would be propaganda designed to excuse and justify their actions in Iraq. Nor did I want to give them any money.

Hubris: The Bush and Blair lies about Iraq

Reading the recently-published memoirs of George W Bush and Tony Blair is a strange experience – seeing recent history refracted through the eyes of our war leaders, and seeing more deeply into the

Sam says

An outsider’s perspective on recent peace news


Do not read this

The news the papers didn’t print about Wikileaks and Gaza


Iraq's week of nonviolence

Iraq’s third annual Week of Nonviolence began on 10 October, organised by La’Onf (“no violence” in Arabic), a network of nonviolent Iraqi civilians and civil society groups.

Editorial: Lie like lions

There is one detail in Tony Blair’s A Journey that seems to have been missed.

Iraq con

On 1 September, US vice-president Joe Biden announced the end of US combat operations in Iraq at a ceremony at Saddam Hussein’s palace in al-Fao, outside Baghdad.

"Collateral murder" video whistleblower faces 52 years

US army whistleblower Bradley Manning has now been charged with “communicating, transmitting and delivering national defence information to an unauthorised source”.