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Terror: if we don’t understand it, we can’t stop it

If we want a safer country, we need a less violent foreign policy, argues Milan Rai


Justice under threat

A new report from CAGE looks at 20 years of the Terrorism Act 2000


US: a terrorist state

The Baghdad airport massacre is part of a pattern of US assassinations


Suleimani and western propaganda

Milan Rai surveys the UK media's coverage of the assassination of Qassem Suleimani


Muslim activist faces prison for keeping silent

Prosecution part of sustained attack on human rights group


TJ Coles, Britain’s Secret Wars – how and why the United Kingdom sponsors conflict around the world

Clairview Books, 2016; 224pp; £14.99


Seymour Hersh, The Killing of Osama Bin Laden

Verso, 2016; 144pp; £12.99


This is not about Islam

Religious belief was not the driver for Brussels, or Paris, or London


After the massacres of Paris: dread, revolt, action

Three French campaign groups respond to the 13 November atrocities in Paris.


Editorial: Undermining national security

Why British foreign policy endangers us all.