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Global South

Conscientious objector forced to serve in military

In early October, Colombian conscientious objector Juan Carlos Montoya Munera was forcefully recruited by the Colombian military in the city of Antioquia, and taken to the barracks of the B

Rebuilding community

The settlement that was once at the centre of the peace community of San Jose' de Apartado' is now occupied by police, soldiers and paramilitaries.

Crossing lines and paths

The XVII Brigade of the Colombian Army - the brigade responsible for the killing of eight members of the peace community of San Jose' in February and another leader in November - will not r

Fighting for basic rights

On 12 October people gathered outside the Colombian embassy in London to protest in support of the strike in Colombia.

A voice from the horizon

We are all older women here [at Brukman, an occupied textile factory], almost all of us are over 40, and our only source of employment is this factory.

Getting our issues "out there"

PN: Tell us a bit about yourself, what kind of work you do and what your focus is - in terms of the reports or opinion pieces you write.

What everyone needs to know about Darfur

PN: What is your background in relation to Darfur?

From Managua to Gaza

The rise and rise of the internationalist left in Latin America


The El Sueno Existe

Festival inspired by Victor Jara fuses Welsh and Latin American music.


Kim up for it

North Korean leader Kim Jong Il is ready to enter negotiations over his country’s nuclear weapons without any preconditions, announced former US president Jimmy Carter after a three-day visit to Py